Kinross Over 40s Bonspiel14th – 16th January 2022Kinross
3rd Novice Bonspiel11th – 13th February 2022The Flower Bowl
Irish Bonspiel25th – 27th February 2022Stranraer
Kershaw Cup5th March 2022The Flower Bowl
Inverkeithing11th – 13th March 2022The Flower Bowl
Alexander Fleming Inter-Club Trophies12th – 13th March 2022Fentons
Dalbeattie & Corrie18th March 2022Lockerbie
The Four Nations26th-27th March 2022Ayr
AGM29th March 20227pm Flower Bowl
150th Year Bonspiel1st – 3rd April 2022The Flower Bowl
150th Anniversary Dinner2nd April 2022TBC
Summer Bonspiel15-17th July 2022The Flower Bowl
Open Bonspiel16-18th September 2022The Flower Bowl
I’Anson11-13th November 2022Stranraer
Fancy Dress Christmas Bonspiel18th December 2022Flower Bowl

3rd Novice Bonspiel 11-13th February

This event is for curlers with less than five years’ experience and also for skips who have only started skipping in the last five years.

Irish Bonspiel 25-27th Feburary

Peter Wilson from the Irish Curling Association has just contacted we would like to enter their Bonspiel at the North West Castle Hotel, Stranraer on the 25th to 27th February 2022.   Please email Peter Wilson:

11-13th March

Inverkeithing on tour at The Flower Bowl, more details to follow.

Alexander Fleming Inter-Club Trophies 12-13th March

Saturday/Sunday 12-13 March 2022
Fenton’s Rink
Tunbridge Wells

The Alexander Fleming/ Inter-Club Trophies will be played for at Fenton’s Rink on Saturday/ Sunday 12-13 March 2022. This will be the last opportunity for this competition to be played for at Fenton’s, it is hoped therefore this will be a memorable and fun occasion with all clubs taking part. It is very sad that after some 15 years Ernest is closing the rink, in part due to the forced closure brought about by Covid19. It is fortunate though that the South East CC has negotiated an eight week lease of the rink in February and March.
The tournament will be played as a ‘round robin’ with each team playing each other once, individual matches will be won by stones, then ends, 2 points for a win, 1 for peels. Each game will consist of eight ends. Three games will be played on Saturday and two on Sunday. At the end of play in the event of teams being equal a measured draw will decide. The overall winner will receive the Alexander Fleming Trophy and the winners of the Inter-Club competitions will receive their respective trophies.
Inter-Club Trophies:
Preston v London    The Hugh Robinson
Glendale v London  The Hinds Bowl
Preston v Glendale  The Ice Palace Shield
SECC    v  London    The Hugh Brown Quaich
If you hold any of these trophies please remember to bring them on the 12 March or arrange for them to be returned.
On Saturday 12 March the rink will be open from 09.00 with games starting at 09.30, the third game ending at 18.00. On Sunday play will commence at 10.00 with presentations at 16.00.
The cost to enter a team will be £420.00, each team can consist of six players with at least one player from each gender playing in each game. Teams can play their six players in any order but cannot change once a game has commenced, injury permitting.
A hot lunch will be served on both days and is included for players in the entrance fee.

150 Year Bonspiel 1-3rd April

16 teams playing at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm on Friday & Saturday & 10am and 12 noon on Sunday. Dinner at Barton Manor on Saturday.