US Curling Team vs. Late Late Show All Stars

James and a rag-tag group of Late Late Show staffers head down to the Southern California Curling Center to learn about the iconic winter sport from Olympic Gold Medalist John Shuster and then face off against Team USA’s finest curlers

I’Anson 2020

G Coombes, R Philips & S Pougher winners of the I’Anson 2020

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Meet Curly The Curling Robot

30th September 2020

An article out this month in  Science Robotics by researchers Seong-Whan Lee and Dong-Ok Won of Korea University and Klaus-Robert Müller of the Berlin Institute of Technology features Curly the Curling Robot. They designed the robot to study the interaction of AI & real world problems. As curling requires players to consider changing ice conditions as well as adapting their strategies as each stone is played it was seen as an ideal test.

“Curly” The Curling Robot

They report a curling robot that can achieve human-level performance in the game of curling using an adaptive deep reinforcement learning framework. Curly, was able to win three of four official matches against expert human teams [top-ranked women’s curling teams and Korea national wheelchair curling team (reserve team)].

We are Back

August 2020 Great News: We are back playing. The Flower Bowl Curling rink is operational and Curling is back on.

There are control measures in place and these can be found in the Covid-19 section on this website.

The health and safety of our members in extremely important and the measures that have been put in place have been for your safety and the safety of others.

Please make sure you read and understand the Control Measures.

Stay Safe and Curl on!!!

Fraser Cup winners

Jim Aitken came out on top in our winter league. Jim Aitken’s team won 7 out of 8 matches to be a clear winner.

This years Monday night league was the clubs largest league turn out ever. 9 teams competing over several months was a fantastic effort by the members of Preston Curling Club.

Preston Curling Club on Tour

The Club are going on a Curling Tour to Belgium in 2020. The tour will run from 19th March 2020 until 22nd March 2020.

It will cost around £300 per person. Transport arrangements and Accommodation and other questions can be sought by contacting the club.