Mixed Doubles Ladder

Ladder stated 1st April 2022

Updated 5th August 2022

1Richard & Desna*
2Grigor & Maggi*
3Tara & Steve*
4Paul & Shena*
5Brian & Jean*
6Martin & Lesley*
7Peter & Carole*
8Rick & Kath*
9Guy & Carol*
10Peter & Vikki*
11Dave & Carol*
*Teams still to play in August

DateTeamEndsShotsStart PositionNew Ranking
08/04/22Brian & Jean41322
Grigor & Maggi4955
20/04/22Richard & Desna41088
Rick & Kath4899
29/04/22Grigor & Maggi3456
Richard & Desna5685
05/05/22Tara & Steve4788
Richard & Desna4955
07/05/22Tara & Steve2388
Martin & Lesley5977
10/05/22Rick & Kath2578
Peter W & Vikki69107
13/05/22Tara & Steve461010
Grigor & Maggi4666
20/05/22Grigor & Maggi3567
Rick & Kath5786
22/05/22Martin & Lesley61096
Rick & Kath1267
02/06/22Martin & Lesley3544
Richard & Desna4511
24/06/22Tara & Steve4999
Grigor & Maggi41088
26/06/22Richard & Desna51311
Brian & Jean3322
08/07/22Grigor & Maggi5966
Paul & Shena3488
24/07/22Richard & Desna41011
Tara & Steve4677
19/08/22Richard & Desna1
Tara & Steve3
30/04/22 Peter & Carole, Paul & Shena, Guy & Carole, Martin & Lesley, Tara & Steve, Peter @ &Vikki, Dave & Carole inactive, 31/4/22 Brian & Jean, Peter & carole, Guy & Carol, Dave & Carol inactive.

Preston Curling Club

Mixed Doubles Ladder

  • Games will be 8 ends or play to the buzzer after 1 hour 20 mins. In the event of a tie an additional end should be played as a decider.
  • You can challenge any of the three pairs directly above you.
  • Any inactive pairs who have not played in a month will drop one place on the last day of the month.
  • Result cards should be photographed and sent to Desna who will maintain the ladder. curlingdesna@curlingdesnagmail.com
  • If the team higher up the ladder wins, nothing changes; if the lower team wins they take the higher teams place and the losing team drops one place.
  • Teams who are challenged must play within one week or they are deemed to have lost.
  • This ladder will come to an end on Wednesday 31st August at midnight.
  • Entry fee is £10 per pair payable to PCC. Winners will receive a £40 Flower Bowl voucher per player.
  • Ice needs to be booked in person or by phone please. Weekend matches can only be booked from the preceding Monday.
  • Ice fees are £15 per person.
  • Teams of two, one Male and one Female player, single sex teams will be allowed. 
  • Playing to WCF rules including the usage of a powerplay .
  • Highlights of the rules include:
    • two rocks will be positioned before the start of each end
      • each team gets one powerplay option per game, to be used with the hammer
    • each team throws 5 rocks
      • one player throws the 1st and 5th rock
      • other player throws rocks 2, 3, 4
    • the player delivering the first stone can change from end to end
    • no rocks may be removed from play until the fourth delivered stone of the end
    • team with the hammer chooses rock position. Team with the centre guard throws first

It is suggested that the guard stone is positioned adjacent to the second badge from the front of the house.