Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to know how to curl in order to join Preston Curling Club?

Preston Curling Club highly recommends people who have never played before to have a taster session and attend one of the 4 week curling for beginners courses run by the Flower Bowl.

What do I need to wear for Curling?

Players should wear warm comfortable clothing.  The Flower Bowl can supply Curling Shoes if you do not have your own Curling Shoes.  Don’t worry as both shoes have grippers on for beginners.

Are Brooms / Brushes and Sliding Aids available?

The Flower Bowl have a large selection of Brooms / Brushes available.  The Flower Bowl also have a number of Sliding Aids and Curling Cues available.  Curlers are able to purchase their own equipment through the Curling Equipment Shop at the Flower Bowl.  Just ask a member of staff at the Flower Bowl.

How long does a game take?

A regular Club or League match at Preston Curling Club takes 2 hours.  A buzzer or bell will sound after 1 hour and 45 Minutes which indicates that this is the last end.

How do I get on a Team?

The Club runs Club Days & Nights and Club League Days & Nights.  The ‘Club’ sessions are sessions where teams are players turn up and play (you need to book on the session via the Club Secretary).  The Leagues are run on alternate weeks to the Club sessions.  The Leagues are currently only single round robin so that they are not long and new members can join in the next league when it starts.  It is not essential to join a league but for those who want to play need to register their interest.  Teams are selected by the nominated Skips.