The Spirit of Curling

The Spirit of Curling is a commonly used term in the sport. It refers to the respect curlers show, not only to one another, but also to the sport itself. It is encapsulated by the saying that a curler would rather lose than win unfairly.

We all want to have fun on the Ice but so that the game is fun & fair for everyone here are some simple ways in which we can all enjoy the game

1:  Be on time; arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game. If you are unable to make your game, let your skip know as far in advance as possible so that he/she can find a replacement player.

2    Clean your shoes.

3    Every curling game begins with a friendly handshake to both teammates and opponents. Opposing leads toss a coin to determine who gets the choice of throwing last stone in the end.

4    Be ready to throw your stone immediately after your opponent’s stone has been delivered. This will speed up the game and make it possible to play the full 8 ends each week.

5    Clean your stone before every shot.

6    You should not disturb a player in the hack or during their delivery. (The leads of the opposing team should be at the hog line to the side of the ice).

7    Stay out of the way of opposing sweepers. Do not cross the ice in front of a player who is about to throw their stone.

8    Sweepers should be alert and ready to sweep immediately, if called upon and they should stay with the stone all the way to the house, sweeping or not.

9    When in the house, skips and thirds should keep their brooms behind them and stand still while opponents are throwing.

10    Leads and seconds should never be standing at the back of the far house while the opposition is throwing their stone. They should stand on the sideline between the hog lines.

11    No one should deliberately delay the game.

12    If you touched (burnt) the stone while it is in motion, you should be the first one to declare so. Do not stop the burnt moving stone. Let it come to rest and let the skips decide on the placement of rocks.

13    If you accidentally move a stone in the house, say so immediately so the opposing skip may put the stone back in a spot where he/she is satisfied (as close to the original spot as possible).

14    If a measure of a stone is required, the opposing thirds should be the only curlers in the house until the measure is completed.

15    If a ruling of any kind is required during the game, ask the Umpire for a ruling. If the Umpire is not available, ask an experienced skip for a ruling.

16    Try to keep the spirit of good sportsmanship during the game by congratulating people on good shots.

17    Every curling game ends with a friendly handshake to both opponents and teammates. The winning team usually buys drinks for the opposition team.  The opposing team usually returns the favor gesture and offers to buy a second drink.  Usually skips buy skips a drink, thirds buy thirds a drink etc.

18    Experienced curlers will make every effort to help new curlers with deliveries, sweeping and explaining rules of the game. Remember try not to spend too much time talking about strategy to keep the game moving.

19    The final etiquette in curling is to HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME!